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Return Policy

Sales Policy

  1. All sales are subject to be approved by the Manager, if rejected we will refund your full deposit only.
  2. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. A minimum non-refundable deposit of 25% of total purchase is required on every sale.
  3. We will not allow any cancelations, if customer chooses to cancel, he or she will be giving up his or her deposit.
  4. Always allow 2 to 4 weeks for special orders. Our company will try to speed up as much as possible the completion of your order. No cancelations will be accepted due to delays in completion. Some factors like fabric availability, holidays, etc. could delay your order.
  5. To comply with California laws, we have added a clause allowing returns within 72 hours of delivery or order of merchandise with a 25% restocking charge of total purchase.
  7. Furniture store is liable to comply with and only with the terms stated on the contract. Any other changes on the contract should be approved by an officer of the store and extra charges will be added at customer expsense.
  8. When furniture is being picked up by customer, it is customer's responsibility to transport furniture and guarantee its safety. We are not responsible for any damages done to goods after leaving our premises.

Delivery Policy

  1. Deliveries are either AM or PM. No promises on exact time because delays are out of our control.
  2. No deliveries to destinations further than 100 miles from the store locations; unless certain argreement is stated on receipt by manager.
  3. The delivery fee starts at $79.00 for deliveries within 30 miles of one of our stores, and includes up to 6 pieces of furniture. There is a $2.00 charge per mile, for any miles in excess of the first 30 miles. For any pieces in excess of the 6 pieces there is a $12.00 charge.

Warranty Policy

  1. All complaints of defects on any merchandise should be directed to Ramos Furniture.
  2. We will service our repairs, but our policies don't include any pick-up or deliveries of defective merchandise.
  3. Customer is responsible for merchandise pick-up and delivery.